our vision

The way ahead

We want to make sure The Boys' Brigade East Antrim Battalion heritage is cherished, understood, shared, and enjoyed with pride by everyone. To that end our vision is have premises to display our museum exhibition.

Our mission

Is to display, digitise, protect, and conserve it for present and future generations.

We want to share, educate, and celebrate our heritage within our community by having it on display within our communities at suitable locations throughout the East Antrim area.

Our values

  • Growth: We support the growth and stability of the team respecting everyone's contribution.
  • Integrity: Be honest in our dealings with one another and our partners
  • Professional: striving for excellence in all we do.
  • Quality: striving for improvement in all we do

Our Objectives

  1. To protect our heritage moving forward.

  2. To champion and promote the Heritage Society at every opportunity.

  3. To build capacity and resilience

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