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Church Service

Our Annual Church parade will be held on 6th October at 3-30pm in 1st Larne Presbyterian Larne

Executive Minutes

Held on Thursday 20th October 2011 at 8.00p.m.in 1st Kilbride Presbyterian Church Halls.

Present:- Mr D Buchanan MBE, Rev C McClure, Mrs G Law, Mrs M McAdoo, Mr C Bell, Mr D Hoy, Mr J Cathcart, Mr K Hogg and Mrs G Armstrong.

There had been no apologies received.

The Battalion President welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave a special welcome to John Cathcart who was returning as the new Battalion Training Officer. Rev Colin McClure then conducted the opening Devotions.

1. Minutes: - The minutes from the previous meeting had been circulated via e-mail. These were agreed by all present and signed by the Battalion President.

2. Annual Battalion Christmas Celebration & Officer Dedication Service: - Mrs Armstrong reported that 16 of the 23 companies in the Battalion had been on parade, with apologies from 3 others. Battalion President felt that there had been a good attendance and this was shown by the increase in numbers attending and the rise in the collection. It was great to witness 1st Ballyclare Church filled with BB Officers and boys and also approx. 50 other people in an overflow hall. Battalion President suggested that in future Battalion need to take control of the area for assembly and dispersing, we would need tape/rope and stewards at this point to prevent parents taking up space with parking.

After a discussion everyone agreed the following points:
" Annual Parade & Dedication Service to be held on the first Sunday in October in future.
" All Companies to carry their own Company Colours.
" Recipients of the collection to be decided by the host Company prior to Parade and outlined on Order of Service by the host Company.
" A podium is required for the Salute; local Councils may be able to supply this. (Enquiries to be made)
Rev McClure also pointed out that although 1st Larne Company Section had not been in attendance they would prefer the Parade in October.
All in all there had been a very 'upbeat' response and the Battalion President asked that we pray for a full attendance at the Parade next year.

3. Sections Matters:-

" Company Section still has no Sports Officer, although the President has organised as many events as possible and asked as many Companies as possible to host/organise specific competitions. Each Company will be responsible for sending e-mails in advance about the competitions and also sending results with photos etc for the Battalion Website after the event. The President asked that we pray for a Sports Officer and also for someone to take on the position of Secretary for Company Council as the next meeting is 15th November 2011. John Cathcart advised that he would be holding Leadership Courses in 1st Whitehead along with the help of Michael Crooks, John also suggested that the first course would be held on 2nd and 9th December and it was hoped that a second course would be held in Ballyclare in February with help from Niall McConkey and possibly Stephen Lindsay who has indicated he would like to remain involved. John was hoping that future courses will be held around the same time each year and will run from 7p.m. to 9.30p.m. each evening, John is intending for the boys to provide a PowerPoint type presentation, 20 slides lasting 6 mins known as Pecha Kucha. The President and John will liaise to have all the details for registration for these courses available on the website and the spaces available will be filled on a first come basis.

" Junior Section: - Battalion heat of Quiz Kids was held on 7th October in 1st Ballylinney, 9 companies participated and 1st Larne won for 7th year in a row. The Executive wished 1st Larne Good Luck in the NID final on 22nd October.

" Anchors: - Fun & Games Night on 25th November in Ballylinney.

4. Finances: - Drew reported that the Battalion had received all the money back from the Presbyterian Mutual Society and that the Rathmore fund was now sitting at £2,500 with £1,200 in the Sanford account. Drew advised that this now meant there was some money available to help KG6 boys, it was agreed that one third (per boy)of the cost could be paid by Battalion for this training, all present agreed. Drew also advised that the gift for Mr F Picton (a watch and hotel voucher) had cost £325. Everyone agreed it had been a great idea to present the gift at the Battalion Christmas Celebration.

5. Joint Christmas Celebration: - Next meeting 15th November in 1st Ballylinney. Colin Millar has been invited to attend. It was agreed that Rev C McClure would conduct the opening Devotions at 8p.m. and Colin could talk for an hour from 8.15p.m. (approx.) Joint Christmas Celebrations to start 9.15p.m and supper will be served from 9.30p.m onwards with time to ask questions and chat with Colin Millar. Gillian advised that some GB Officers had enquired about attending the 'Colin Millar' talk. It was agreed by all present that GB could invite Colin along to some of their own meetings. Each Council Secretary to e-mail officers for numbers attending to assist with catering.

6. Junior/Anchor Carols Service will be held on Sunday 4th December in 1st Greenisland starting at 3p.m. Enquiries to be made re use of car park space in nearby Golf Club. 7. Drew reported that during the summer break Noelle Graham, an Anchor Officer for many years in 2nd Larne , had died suddenly, Drew had attended the funeral and made a Donation on behalf of the Battalion, but was unsure if this acceptable. Everyone agreed that it had been and any future Donations in similar circumstances would be left up to the discretion of the Treasurer.

8. Battalion Website: - Drew asked that everyone be encouraged to use e-mail and the website, he also asked that officers would be encouraged to sign up for the Battalion e-zine and informed that the Battalion was also on Facebook and Twitter.

9. Any other Business: - Gillian advised about a letter from BB HQ about taking photographs of Boys at events, details to be circulated via e-mail. Margaret asked if Company Visitations would be continuing this session and if they were necessary/unnecessary? After a discussion everyone agreed they were unnecessary.

Close: - There being no further business Battalion President closed the meeting and thanked everyone for attending and thanked David Hoy for use of the halls and supper. Grace was said and supper was served.